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Whether it's wool (IWS-Standard), cotton, polyester nonwovens or other products: the focus is first of all on the raw material.
We are happy to advise our customers regarding the different material properties and customise the method of processing exactly to the materials' requirements. A new production facility is inaugurated in Linkenheim-Hochstetten.

The classic in the realm of wool is sheep’s wool. Because of its crimp, it has a cold- and warm-insulating air cushion and therefore it can balance temperatures very efficiently.

Cotton is characterised by its ability to absorb high quantities of sweat. It is therefore especially suitable to use for mattress cover sheets.

Polyester is often used in the upholstery furniture industry, as well as the mattress- and bed industry because of its softness, lightness, and strength recovery.

The fine quality fibre element of our company portfolio covers the whole spectrum ranging from cashmere, alpaca and camel hair to silk, which are all characterised by excellent, luxurious product properties.

Furthermore, we process raw materials such as jute or flax and are open towards processing of new materials. Because of our innovative willingness in the area of process engineering, we can quickly and efficiently adapt to new raw materials and can optimise further processing of such materials.

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