Hans Höffele, who later founded the company, becomes co-owner of the company Schmitteckert, Steinle & Co, which has been producing absorbent cotton in Waghäusel since 1938.


The company becomes Hans Höffele Wattefabrik. The new company is based in Graben-Neudorf. Main products are grey waddings for upholstery furniture.

The 60's

The range of products is expanded. Sheet felts for innerspring mattress covers for the mattress industry are now produced.


Textile engineer Dieter Höffele, one of the two sons of the company founder, joins the company.

The 70's

The company expands its natural wool sector. Sheep wool becomes an important raw material.


The family business is completed: the second son, Norbert Höffele, a mechanical engineer by profession, also joins Hans Höffele Wattefabrik.

The 80's and 90's

The company develops into a full range supplier. Fine quality fibres such as cashmere, camel hair, alpaca or silk complete the product portfolio.


Hans Höffele Wattefabrik is the first company in Germany to develop a new production process, in which polyester webs are thermally bonded. This procedure is used afterwards for natural fibres as well. In Linkenheim-Hochstetten, a new production facility is opened.


Both sons join the management. The production site in Linkenheim-Hochstetten is enlarged by 3600 sqm.


Continuous development of the company: The production site in Linkenheim-Hochstetten is again enlarged by 5600 sqm.


After the death of the company founder, his sons Dieter and Norbert Höffele continue to run the family business.


A second needle felt line is commissioned at the site in Linkenheim-Hochstetten and the company's legal status is changed to Hans Höffele Industriewatte GmbH.


Closure of the production site in Graben-Neudorf and exit of Dieter Höffele from the executive management.


Construction of a new thermobonding line at the production site in Linkenheim-Hochstetten.


The third family generation is joining the company through Janina Stober, daughter of Norbert Höffele.


Janina Stober is also appointed managing director.


The company has approx. 30 employees and 14.000 sqm floor space. Hans Höffele Industriewatte GmbH supplies numerous customers in Germany, all over Europe and occasionally overseas. Customers are mainly the bed, mattress, furniture and apparel industry.