Production Process

While we manufacture polyester nonwovens using the thermobonding process, natural products can be chosen between needled and thermobonded fabrics. In the needled version, the fibre fleece is mechanically bonded. This process is therefore 100% natural. We differentiate between fixed needling and lose column needling, in which needling is carried out on a fleece carrier.

Thermally bonded nonwovens are bonded by admixing a polyester binding fibre. Thanks to our process, which we have been using since 1992, chemical sprays are no longer necessary. In the thermal bonding process, the fleece is heated to 130° Celsius and is therefore hygienically clean. Polyester nonwovens are highly recommended for allergic people. After cooling, the nonwovens get cut in the requested width and lenght and are wound up in a roll.

As the first company in Germany, we were in the position to produce thermally bonded sheep wool by admixing a binding fibre. Such nonwovens are suitable for the production of upholstery furniture, mattresses and insulation materials.

Hans Höffele Industriewatte GmbH