Product Range

We carry a versatile range of products, because we develop the products that our customers need together with them. Each nonwoven is different in the composition of raw materials, in its width, length and thickness as well as in its weight per unit area.

Up to four raw materials can be mixed individually. Also, the percentages can be defined according to the special requirements of our customers. If fine quality fibres such as camel hair are blended with other raw materials, a pretreatment is required to improve their blending capability.

Width, lenght and thickness of the nonwovens are customisable. We not only produce narow polyester nonwovens but also wide natural nonwovens for various applications. We are also able to perforate certain products.

Alongside our core competence of manufacturing nonwovens, we also have several trading goods like sheep wool balls or polyester fiber balls as well as loose goods in our portfolio.

Hans Höffele Industriewatte GmbH